Working with Corporate organisations

We offer opportunities for  your business to give your staff fun, meaningful team building and wellbeing activities around growing and cooking food. Your staff will gain mental and physical wellbeing benefits from spending time outdoors, working together. They can also learn how to cook and eat healthily, sustainably and affordably, using own-grown and local, seasonal produce.
If you want bespoke team building activities with a real lasting wellbeing impact on your staff and work environment, we can offer stand-alone events or we can work with you on a larger project to develop a more lasting edible garden for a healthy workplace.

Stand alone events

We can come to your place of work and get your teams working on growing seasonal food in the workplace. This can be as simple as a microgreens workshop, or a window box herb garden. We have a portable kitchen kit so we can do some seasonal cooking at your place too. Or we can arrange to use an external learning kitchen.

If you’d like a team building away day where your business does something of social benefit, we can organise a gardening day working for a community organisation. Your team builds bonds working together outdoors and your business shows some corporate social responsibility. We do all the organising.


To make a lasting difference to improve staff morale and wellbeing in the work place, we can work with your organisation to design, build and use your own edible garden. It can be as small as a raised bed which can be built and planted in a day or much bigger. Your staff get involved in healthy out of the office activity and have ongoing access to healthy food and open air space. We can incorporate cooking ideas and workshops as wanted. Just contact us to see what we could do for your organisation.