Workshops and Courses

Season Well helps people learn how to grow cook and eat seasonal food through our one-off workshops and tailored courses.

We work with all ages from children to adults. Our learning experiences are designed for communities, schools and businesses. We create bespoke enjoyable events tailored to your organisation's needs.

"When you can get healthy stuff to taste this good, I wouldn't mind being healthy for the rest of my life."
(David -
Cooking course participant, Orb Community Arts)


We work with community organisations to offer cooking and growing workshops.  We offer a bespoke service to suit the needs of your organisation. We can run one off introductory workshops looking at particular aspects of seasonal cooking or growing or sustainable eating such as: Getting Growing with microgreens;  Cooking with seasonal vegetables; Sustainable shopping and food storing

We also offer longer courses such as a 4 session Getting started with growing your own fruit herbs and vegetables.

Our seasonal cooking courses can  be 3 sessions or up to 12 session and could feature: Seasonal vegetarian cooking; Baking with seasonal fruit and veg; Healthy seasonal recipes; Making seasonal preserves or whatever suits your community

If you'd like to develop your own growing space at your organisation see our consultancy service



We offer opportunities for businesses to give their staff team building activities and wellbeing activities around growing and cooking food. We can come to your place of work and get your teams working on growing seasonal food in the work place. This can be as simple as a microgreens workshop, or a  window box herb garden. We have a portable kitchen kit so can do some seasonal cooking at your place too. Or we can arrange to use an external  learning kitchen. If you'd like to provide a more lasting edible garden for your staff to improve moprale and wellbeing in the work place see what we can arrange through our consultancy service.

If you’d like a team building away day where your business does something of social benefit we can organise a gardening day working for a community organisation. Your team builds bonds working together outdoors and your business shows some corporate social responsibility. We do all the organising


We offer schools a number of stand-alone workshops to enhance the curriculum with outdoor learning and cooking. We can provide workshops on:

Getting Growing with Micro Greens; Growing a herb garden indoors or out; Cooking workshops using local seasonal fruit herbs and vegetables; Harvesting, preparing and cooking workshops using schools own grown produce.


We also work with schools on longer programmes to set up and run their own growing and cooking projects. See our Consultancy page for more details