Christmas party season

It’s the week for Christmas work parties. They have had to go online this year with many people choosing quizzes and activities to do together via Zoom.

If you are a lone worker or entrepreneur, a sessional worker or a tiny team then you may not have a Virtual Christmas Work Party to go to. No need to feel left out you can join our party. We’re doing a special party on Friday 18th December just for people like us who are a tiny team. Come for Cocktail and canapes making with us and a good old-fashioned sing-along with Shared Harmonies. Get your ticket today for less than the price of a take-away curry and kick off the festive season in style.

Must be booked by Thursday 17th so we can send you our recipes

Party season is looking very different this year. Many of us are facing a Christmas of being separated from our loved ones. After months of working from home it’s difficult for us to connect and celebrate with people we are used to seeing every day, whether that be family, friends or colleagues. We are here to help you celebrate in a fun way together online.


We can help bring the Christmas Party to you with one of our interactive online sessions. You get creative with seasonal goodies, have fun together and get party snacks too!

Here at Season Well we have done lots over the months to help keep people entertained, inspired and active at home. We have shared recipes, run cook-along tutorials and given food growing and foraging tips on our Facebook and Youtube pages. We’ve shared recipe and ingredient inspiration through our Instagram posts. We have run virtual cooking tutorials for families through our Healthy Holiday programme with Lemon Balm CIC and Leeds Community Foundation. We’ve been a guest cook in the Great British Food Festival Zoom Cook Alongs, run cook alongs for groups and facilitated a Zoom Cocktail and Canape Celebration session for graduates from the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

Now we’d like to help you celebrate through Christmas Party Season. Just because you can’t get to a bar or restaurant with your teammates, this doesn’t have to stop you getting together and having fun. You can meet up and have festive fun together without leaving your own home. If you can’t get to a  party we help a party come to you. We have some fabulous mocktail ( or cocktail) and canape sessions planned. We will get you all making your own party snacks and drinks to get your Zoom party started in style. All our recipes are designed using local, seasonal produce which is easy to get hold of. We can even supply you with our own homemade cordials, using locally picked, wild ingredients.

As a social enterprise, we are passionate about enabling people to eat more sustainably for their well being and the wellbeing of the planet. We are also committed to improving the physical and mental wellbeing of those we work with. And what helps you feel great? Getting together with friends over lovely food and drink. Any money you spend with us goes back to our social purpose of enabling everyone to enjoy seasonal, sustainable food no matter what their background.


We also work with another wonderful social enterprise Shared Harmonies who can facilitate a fun Christmas sing-along session to keep you in the party mood.

Have a look at our festive packages to help you celebrate your virtual Christmas party. Prices from £190 per session. Contact us to discuss how we can help you celebrate and be merry.


What to eat in May and June- Asparagus of course

Asparagus is one of our favourite UK seasonal vegetables and we greet the first local spears in the grocer’s shops with joy each May. We love to eat as much as we can until mid-June when it disappears from our shelves.

These days it doesn’t disappear though as you can find imported asparagus on supermarket shelves nearly all year round. Please don’t buy this out of season asparagus. It has come from Peru or Mexico and has a high carbon footprint.    This is because it has to be air freighted as asparagus loses flavour and texture after it has been cut and of course, South and Central America are many miles away. Peruvian asparagus is also grown in irrigated beds causing severe water shortages in a very dry region.

Uk locally grown asparagus has a 97% lower carbon footprint than Peruvian asparagus and is much tastier too so always check where your veg has come from. The pictured veg are from a smallholding near Appleton, York and sold by Food Circle

Even when buying local asparagus. It’s not the cheapest of veg as it has to be hand-picked daily. As it’s with us for only a few short weeks (late April to late June) we are happy to pay for this short seasonal treat. We also tend to wait till May to enjoy it too when the price has dropped a little.

Asparagus is best eaten as fresh as you can before it converts more of its sugars to starch and becomes woody. Look for nice firm spears  and storing it upright in a little water in the fridge will help keep it fresher for longer

We enjoy asparagus blanched and pan-fried with garlic and a little sea salt or just steamed and served with poached eggs or with a Spanish potato omelette (tortilla) We also like it in salads like the quinoa salad we cooked for one of our May Facebook Cook-along sessions 

Our absolute favourite asparagus recipe is one we discovered a couple of years ago for asparagus and new potatoes in a smoked almond sauce. (Original recipe by  Nicholas Balfe, head chef at Salon, Brixton)

We cooked this for our first June Cook-Along on Facebook so have a look at our tutorial or just follow the recipe below. Happy Cooking!

We  can deliver cooking tutorials via Zoom so do contact us if you would like your own seasonal cooking tutorial

Asparagus with smoked almond sauce,

 wild garlic and new potatoes

Ingredients: (Serves 4 as a starter or 2 as a main course)

400g new potatoes, boiled until tender in salted water

8 spears of asparagus, woody end removed

A handful of wild garlic leaves

A handful  of spring herbs, such as parsley, chives pea shoots, etc

50ml olive oil

30ml sherry vinegar

½ tsp sea salt

50g chopped smoked almonds and edible flowers ( wild garlic or chives) to decorate

For the almond sauce

100g smoked almonds

1 clove garlic, chopped

100ml cold water

200ml neutral oil, eg, vegetable/rapeseed oil

tablespoon sherry vinegar

1/2 tsp fine salt


Food processor


griddle pan  or grill

Cooking instructions:

First, make the almond sauce.

Put the almonds and garlic into a food processor. Turn the power on at a low speed and add half the water and blend into a thick paste. Increase the speed and gradually add the oil and the remainder of the water alternately so you end up with a smooth, glossy sauce.

Season with a dash of sherry vinegar and a pinch of fine salt

Preheat the griddle pan or grill to a high heat. Carefully grill the Jersey Royals until they are nicely coloured and have picked up some smokey flavour. Set aside in a warm place.

Next, grill the asparagus so it’s evenly coloured and cooked to your liking. Slice each asparagus spear in half, either lengthways down the middle or across the stem to make lots of different shapes and sizes.

Finely chop the wild garlic leaves, and toss together with any other herbs and leaves you’re using. Toss together with the warm asparagus and Jersey Royals, dressing with olive oil, sherry vinegar and sea salt as you go.

Place some of the almond sauce on the base of the plate, and arrange the salad on top. Top with the chopped almonds and a sprinkling of wild garlic flowers or chive flowers.