Summer recipes: Rhubarb, rhubarb

Rhubarb has grown in abundance this year. It’s the only UK fruit that is around in spring and grows right through the summer

Bright pink forced rhubarb has disappeared from the shops now but rhubarb is growing brilliantly in local allotments and gardens around Yorkshire and people are saying “what can I do with all this rhubarb?” Once you’ve stewed some to have with yoghurt and had a couple of rhubarb crumbles some people get stumped with what to do next.

Well, never fear that’s one of the reasons we are here. So far we’ve done cooking tutorials covering rhubarb flapjack, and rhubarb loaf cake (see below) which you can watch on our Facebook page or read again on our earlier post.

Or how about rhubarb curd as a delicious seasonal alternative to lemon curd? Great in cakes, with yoghurt or just on toast.

Watch our tutorial or just follow the recipe below.

We love it in our special rhubarb and ginger layer cake.

You might have seen us serving our Rhubarb Curry at Guiseley Feast in Nunroud Park as part of My Leeds 2023. this recipe showcases what an adaptable fruit/vegetable rhubarb is-see our 3rd recipe below. So if someone offers you some from their plot or garden say YES PLEASE!

Rhubarb Curd


  •  260g rhubarb
  • 100g sugar
  • 50g butter
  • 2 Eggs
  • Red food colouring


  • Chopping board and sharp knife
  • Roasting pan
  • Saucepan and balloon whisk ( or wooden spoon)
  • Sterilised jars
  • Bowl


  1. Heat  the oven on to 200°c or Gas mark 6
  2. Chop Rhubarb into finger-sized pieces, removing the ends. Place in a small roasting dish and sprinkle over a tablespoon of sugar. Cover with tin foil & place in the oven for 15-20 minutes When ready remove & set aside to cool.
  3. Sterilise your jars either by running through a hot setting on the dishwasher or by filling with boiling water then popping to dry in the cooling oven once you have removed the rhubarb.
  4. Beat the eggs
  5. Push the cooled roasted rhubarb through a sieve into a bowl using a wooden spoon
  6. Melt the butter in a small, non-stick saucepan on a low heat. Then take the pan off the heat and whisk in the sugar and the eggs
  7. Next add in the sieved rhubarb and stir in. Then add  your chosen food colouring to get the pink colour you want
  8. Return the pan to a low heat and whisk it gently for 5-10 minutes whilst it thickens. You want it to be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon
  9. Pour into your jars and put in the fridge to cool completely

Rhubarb loaf cake recipe


 (makes 1 large loaf cake)

  • 340g rhubarb, cut into small chunks. (Slice off the very top ends where the leaves were and the white bottom where the stick was connected to the plant. You can discard these or keep them for making icing)
  • 225g self raising flour
  • 110g butter (or use solid margarine)
  • 110g caster sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Sharp Knife & chopping board
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Small mixing bowl or jug (for beating egg)
  • Wooden spoon or rubber spatula
  • Sieve
  • Wire cooling rack
  • 2lb loaf tin


  1. Heat the oven to 180°C.
  2. Grease and line your loaf tin with greaseproof paper (or use a pre-made paper loaf tin liner).
  3. In a large mixing bowl use your fingers to rub the butter ( or marg) into the flour until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  4. Add the caster sugar and rhubarb and gently mix.
  5. In a separate mixing bowl use a fork or a whisk to beat the eggs then add the vanilla extract.
  6. Pour the egg mixture into the flour, sugar and rhubarb mixture and stir till combined.
  7. Spoon into the loaf tin then put in the oven and bake for 30 minutes.
  8. Turn onto a wire rack to cool.

The cake is nice served slightly warm with ice cream as a pudding. If you leave it to cool and store in an airtight container it will keep for up to 3 days and be lovely served in slices as a cake.

If wanted you can drizzle the cake with a little icing. I simmer the discarded ends in a little water to extract rhubarb juice. I mix this with icing sugar to make a delicate pink icing to drizzle onto the cake.

Rhubarb loaf cake with rhubarb icing

Rhubarb and Lentil Curry

Makes enough for 6 people.

1 large or 2 small onions
2 garlic cloves
4 sticks of rhubarb
2 tsp garam masala
1 tsp turmeric
300g red lentils
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 lemon
150g yoghurt
A large handful of coriander
100g baby leaf spinach
600ml hot water or veg stock
2 tbsp oil
Sea salt
Black pepper


Chopping board
Sharp knife
Deep Frying pan or large Sauce pan
Wooden spoon
Measuring spoons


  1. Wash the rhubarb, spinach and coriander
  • Chop the onions into small pieces ( diced) and crush the garlic
  • Chop the rhubarb into 2cm sized pieces
  • Roughly chop the spinach, separating  any tough stems, and roughly chop the coriander
  • Heat a deep frying pan or wok and add 1 tbsp olive oil. Add the onion and garlic. Stir and fry for 4 mins till soft and glossy.
  • Add 2 tsp garam masala to the onions and cook for 2 mins. Add 1 tsp turmeric. Tip in the red lentils and stir thoroughly to coat in the spiced onions.
  •  Pour in 300ml boiling water (or veg stock) and stir for 3 mins till absorbed. Add the rhubarb with another 300ml boiling water (or stock).
  • Add 1 tbsp sugar. Stir and cook for 10-15 mins till the rhubarb is just soft and the lentils are cooked through.
  • Grate the zest from the lemon. Stir into the yogurt. Juice one lemon and slice the other half into wedges to serve. Pour the juice into the lentils.
  1. Stir the spinach through the lentils to just wilt it.
  1. Stir half of the chopped coriander through the lentils, saving some to sprinkle on the top when serving.
  1. Serve the lentil and rhubarb curry with brown basmati rice or chapatis. Top with a dollop of yogurt and a scattering of the remaining coriander leaves. Pop a lemon wedge on the side for squeezing.  Facebook: @seasonaleating  Instagram: @SeasonwellCIC

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