Why cook and eat seasonally?

At Season Well we know food tastes so much better when it's packed full of fruit, vegetables and herbs that are eaten in their proper season. As well as teaching seasonal cooking and growing we love to make delicious tasting food all year round using local, seasonal and often homegrown produce. We have a sister catering company, The Travelling Tea Ladies,  that specialises in cooking and baking with the seasons.

We make gorgeous, seasonal food for events. We provide tea parties, buffets and dessert tables for any occasion. All showcasing marvellous local, and often homegrown, fruits, herbs and vegetables at their best. Contact us if you'd like us to cater for your event

Cook and eat seasonally for taste, nutrients, and the environment

Just think about strawberries: even though you can get them all year round now in supermarkets, they taste much more delicious when homegrown or locally picked in the summer.

Also, the fresher a piece of fruit or veg is, the more nutrient-rich it is which is important to us too.

At Season Well we care  about the environment as well as about great flavours.  If you just eat strawberries in the summer months and choose ones that have been grown by a local producer then this means fewer resources have been used to grow and to transport them to where you buy it.  Strawberries in winter will have been flown in from a country miles away, losing a lot of flavour and nutrients on the way, and causing all that damage to the environment by the emissions caused by transporting it. Even if you are able to find English strawberries outside of the summer months then they will have been grown indoors, needing heating and lighting to produce them. Then there’s all that plastic they come packaged in, This causes damage to the environment in production and getting rid of it.  We say, just wait for the summer to enjoy strawberries at their best!

It’s not all about strawberries. The principle is the same for all the fruit, herbs and vegetables you buy. The more local and in season it is, the less strain it has placed on the environment in its production and the tastier and healthier it is.   We get just as excited about the arrival of the first tender pink stems of Yorkshire rhubarb in early spring!

We want more people to enjoy the flavour of fresh picked fruit, veg and herbs. If we were all able to grow our own food or have access to community grown food how great would that be?

Join us in enjoying eating with the seasons. Great for your health, your taste buds and the environment. We’ll help you learn what’s best to eat, cook it for you or help you learn to cook it yourselves and help you have a go at growing some of your own.