Grow your own dinner: Seasonal Stir-fry

If you want a truly local, seasonal dinner then this beautiful stir fry recipe uses spring ingredients you can easily grow: pak choi, radish and spring onion.

We designed the recipe for Bramhope School last year as part of “Growing Bramhope”. We ran this bespoke programme from February to September where every child in the school got involved in growing and cooking their own fruit, herbs and vegetables.

Year 6 had to grow quick-growing veg as they had to fit their planting and growing sessions with us around their Sats. Pak choi and radish are quick to grow and year 5 had grown plenty of spring onions to share.

None of these veg need much space and can be easily grown in pots on a windowsill or in your back garden. Radish, in particular, are really quick to grow and you can have a crop ready in 3 weeks.

Even if you don’t want to grow them yourself. These ingredients are in season in the UK from May right through the summer. You should be able to buy them easily at your greengrocer or supermarket. Do check where they have come from to make sure you are buying as local as you can.

So here’s a recipe which gives the simple radish room to shine. Never tried cooked radish before? Give it a go, it mellows out their sharp flavour beautifully

Recipe: Radish Stir-fry

If you’d like us to help your school get growing and cooking with own-grown produce have a look at our school’s page or just contact us for a chat.

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