What are we all about?

We are a Social Enterprise whose purpose is to get more people eating local vegetables, herbs and fruit when they are in season. We help people to know how to cook with seasonal produce and to have a go at growing their own.

Sadly as a nation, we have become disconnected with where our food comes from. We see fruit and vegetables as something we buy in the supermarket, often wrapped in plastic, and don’t think about where it has been grown or what resources went into producing it for us.

As a Social Enterprise, our aim is to make a positive social change to how people consume food. We want to improve the health of our communities whilst improving our environment. We believe we can do this by encouraging more people to eat with the seasons. This is when food is at its tastiest, has the most nutrients and is best for the environment.

We enable people to just have a go at growing. We can hold workshops and classes on seasonal cooking and growing. We share hints tips and recipes on our social media and blog. We work with community organisations, businesses and schools to set up their own food growing projects and cooking projects to help share the love and knowledge of enjoying great, seasonal food.

Who are we?

Season Well was set up in Guiseley, north Leeds, by social entrepreneur Becky Mears in 2018.  Inspired by running her own catering business, The Travelling Tea Ladies, and coordinating a local community food growing group, Incredible Edible Aireborough. Becky wants to share the benefits of eating with the seasons and how much better food tastes when you pick it fresh. She’s greatly benefitted from being outdoors growing and knows how much what we eat is tied  to our physical and mental wellbeing as is being connected to nature.

A self-taught cook and gardener Becky believes that everyone can learn to cook great tasting, fresh, healthy food. As someone who learned about food growing by just getting out and having a go she wants to inspire more people, young and old, to do the same. Season Well believes that you don’t have to be an expert to give growing your own food a go

Becky is a trained and skilled learning facilitator. She has many years of experience working with children and adults, both able-bodied and disabled, enabling people to learn and to improve their lives and communities. She is also a Fellow of The School for Social Entrepreneurs

Becky is supported at Season Well by Viv Hargreaves a passionate food grower and cook. Viv is also a trained learning facilitator and part of Incredible Edible Aireborough.

Season Well is building a team of passionate food growers and cooks with skills in learning facilitation to work with Becky and Viv. All staff are DBS checked.

If you are interested in joining the team get in touch